June 4, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, with all sorts of trepidation: my before photos (AKA me yesterday)!!! Will be using these clothes for all the pictures because they’re revealing but I’m not half naked.

Name: Jess.

Current weight: 95kgs (209lbs apparently)

Current clothing size: AU14-16

First goal weight: 86kgs (approx. 189lbs)

Long-Term Goal Weight: 65kgs (143lbs)

Ultimate Goal Weight: 55kgs (121lbs)

Clothing size that would be cool but not necessary: AU10

Food I’m willing to give up: Almost anything that isn’t made from cocoa beans or caffeine.

Food I want and am willing to work out hard for: chocolate and coke (but not crazy amounts, obviously. Weekly chocolate hits aren’t too hard to manage)

Exercise I’m willing to do: Anything! Seriously, I love working out once I get started. My left knee gives me some trouble but working through it gives me such a sense of satisfaction.

I want to get to the first goal weight by my birthday (July 20th). That’s almost 10 kilos in a little less than 7 weeks. I think it might be possible. Only one way to find out!

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